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Outdoor Directional Fault Passage Indicator

This new integrated digital monitoring and protection device provides high-performances, low cost and easy installation. It is suitable for all MV systems, from 8kV to 36 kV with any neutral maintenance. It can be installed either nearby a substation or on a pole, in stand-alone mode. It complies with Enel DY1059-A70 standard.


Monitoring along the MV secondary distribution line.

Possibility of accurate calculation non-measurable quantities on overhead lines (for example, homopolar current).


Tesmec RGDAT A-70 Outdoor Directional Fault Passage Indicator
  • Protection of maximum phase current (51), maximum directional (67N) and non-directional (51N) ground current and absence/presence voltage.
  • 3 remote signaling relay with configurable logic (NO / NC).
  • Automatic adaptation to the network frequency.
  • Recognition of intermittent arcs in directional earth fault.
  • Chronological event recorder with circular memory.

Technical Specifications

Network rated voltage 8kV-36kV
Rated current 100A
Frequency range 40 ÷ 70 Hz
Auxiliary voltage 24 Vdc ± 20%
Power consumption 5W
Output relays maximum voltage and current 5A, 250 Vac
Inputs, outputs and power supply insulation 2,5 kVac
Operating temperature -25° C ÷ 65° C
Humidity <93%
Air pressure 70 kPa ÷ 110 kPa
Protection grade IP31