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Remote Control

Remote control


Tesmec designes innovative IED's to remote control wide substations. Tesmec devices implement legacy and modern protocols to interconnect all type of control centres.

Remote control has introduced multiple advantages in electrical substations management and maintenance. The possibility to receive detailed real-time alerts on the status of the substation allows actions to be taken to solve the problem, considerably reducing maintenance times and costs for TSOs and DSOs. Remote control is fundamental for all substations built in areas which are difficult to reach. Tesmec has developed scalable solutions for primary and secondary substations; the high computing power devices allow to manage, with high performance, an extended I/O range of thousands of points. Years of experience in the design of remote-control devices brought us to study solutions able to facilitate retrofit or revamping of legacy substations. To comply with the requirements of the most modern smart grids, the devices implement the communication protocols to act as unique interfaces between protection / control / monitoring systems and the control centres. Tesmec remote control devices support not only the most modern protocols (like IEC-61850) but also many older protocols (IEC60870, Modbus, etc...) to ensure the capability to interface all legacy devices with no effort and a very reduced investment.