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Protection & Monitoring

Protection & Monitoring


Tesmec integrated solution for protection, control and automation of modern and complex electric systems.

Protection and control systems have the function to detect any kind of faults that can involve the elements of a complex electric grid (HV or MV lines, busbars, transformers, etc...) and consequently isolate the faulty part. Protection relays are the heart of protection and control systems: by monitoring network’s voltage and current they can detect faults and protect assets and personnel from damages and injuries. With modern technology, protection devices’capability is continuously increasing, and they can perform control and automation functions previously implemented by dedicated devices. Modern protection IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) also integrate advanced communication functionalities with the adoption of the last standards and protocols (i.e. IEC61850).

Tesmec invests its resources to continuously keep updated its products to the latest standard of technology: each item is compliant with the requirements of the last standards in cybersecurity. Thanks to specialist competences, Tesmec can offer a wide range of products dedicated to the protection, control, automation and measurement of High and Medium Voltage electric systems.

These products combine high protection performances, fast operation and advanced control functions. By means of a configuration tool they can also be designed to respond to specific customer needs.


Prevention by promptly detecting causes of faults or disturbance condition and acting on the right system element to prevent fault degeneration.

Fault isolation by a selective intervention on circuit breakers in order to eliminate the cause of a fault and to limit outages.

System recovery by implementing control and automation functions with the aim to quickly restore normal working condition.