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Service Telecommunications

Service Telecommunications


Tesmec integrated solution of service telecommunications for modern and complex electric grids.

Service telecommunications have the function to create a telecommunication network between HV substations and control sites using different media (HV line, optic fiber, PSTN, etc.) allowing management, diagnostics and protection of HV substations themselves.

Service telecommunication systems ensure:

  • Remote management of HV substations in order to increase automation for control and diagnostics reducing local worker use;
  • Backup communications using different media in order to protect vital communications;
  • Technology migration allowing different protocols and media for each type of communication with easy scalability to new technologies (i.e. IEC 60870-5-101 over RS232 to IEC 60870-5-104 over Ethernet);
  • Protection from grid faults in conjunction with protection devices.

A reliable transmission of vital communications is possible using Power Line Carrier (PLC) systems as main vector or as backup vector of PDH/SDH MUX over optic fibre. PLC system allows communications to reach each HV substation with enough throughput creating a reliable and stable network. We can offer the complete suite composed by Power Line Carrier device, Line Matching Unit and Line Trap, allowing the use of legacy and new technology together, making the migration from analogue to digital easier. A reliable supply of electricity is possible only with the help of protection equipment together with communication links. To avoid power system failure and damage, teleprotection system allows to selectively isolate the location of a fault on HV transmission lines or on transformers and other items of electrical substations, by transferring command signals within the shortest time in a secure and dependable way. Tesmec provides a complete solution: from the teleprotection equipment to collect protection relays’ trip signals, to power line carrier devices to transmit signals through overhead lines. A wide range of other products (i.e. PDH/SDH multiplexer, PABX, special phones, racks, cables, etc.) dedicated to the service telecommunications of HV electric systems complete our portfolio. These products combine high performances, easy commissioning and maintenance and advanced control functions. By means of a configuration tool they can also be configured to respond to specific customer needs. Tesmec products comply with the latest technology requirements, cybersecurity standard and IEC 61850.