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Telecommunication system

Teleprotection Equipment

  • Innovative system for sending protecting relay status to the other side of a line, allowing the implementation of line protection algorithms.

    A reliable supply of electricity is only possible with the help of protection equipment in conjunction with communication links.

    To avoid the power system failure and damage, the teleprotection system allows to selectively isolate the location of a fault on high voltage transmission lines, on transformer and other items of electrical substations by transferring command signals within the shortest possible time in a secure and dependable way.

    BTP-1000 enables transmission of protection commands over different communication channels, such as:

    • Fiber Optic
    • Microwave radio links
    • Digital and analog links of optical networks
    • Copper wires
    • Powerline carrier


    Compliant to:

    • IEC 60834-1
    • IEC 61850 (GOOSE)

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