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Consultancies / Studies

Tesmec team is at your disposal providing expertise, know-how, feasibility studies and consultations in order to help you during every stage of your project.
Our experts are at your disposal for analysis and to support you with customized services and solutions for all digging projects, even the most complex ones. High performing machines and professional coordination of the work site are required to face these types of projects.


Special services provided by Tesmec consist in: technical advice, preliminary study, work site control, experienced trencher operators, spare parts management and fleet management with a specialized Tesmec team for mechanical assistance on site. 

Geotechnical analysis

Regardless of the budget, scope or importance of a project, obtaining precise information on the subsoil offers a series of fundamental advantages:

  • Excavation optimization (digging in the right place at the first shot)
  • Minimization of damage risks
  • Reduction of excavation times
  • Reduction of costs and waste of resources

Tesmec Experts are at your disposal to provide site investigation to collect information about the physical properties of soil and subsurface conditions.

This type of investigation are fundamental for a wide range of applications, from pipeline to surface mining.

Subsurface exploration includes test pits, trenching, boring; analysis can also involve rocks sampling and related tests made by our staff taking advantage of Tesmec laboratories, giving a clear overview of the jobsite condition before starting the project.

Tesmec specialists provide geotechnical analysis to calculate rocks parameters to identify their hardness and abrasiveness, in order to customize the digging equipments and to estimate the productivity rate.

After Sales

With Tesmec Integrated solutions it’s all under control.
We aim to provide our clients a complete range of services, not just performing machines. Tesmec pays special attention not only to his products, but also to the people who use them and to the environment in which they are being used Our after sales services guarantee cost-effectiveness, downtime minimization and convenience. A direct line to Tesmec experts and a dedicated customer care will help to solve all the doubts and any issue you could face.

We have introduced an innovative QR CODE that will revolutionize your experience with us. This service, available on all our new Trenchers, offers a lot of benefits that will make your work more efficient and easier. Once scanned with your mobile device, you will land in the contact page of the nearest custom service country office.


Tesmec is not a "simple manufacturer" - Tesmec is Your partner! The Group can rely on a team of experts having knowledge at worldwide level that offers their expertise by holding technical courses to all customers. Tesmec technical training courses is customized according to different levels of knowledge and to what kind of aim a customer would attain: from designers to work sites managers, from operators to security supervisors. An introduction course has been also planned for all the customers that buy Tesmec machines, which are tested both on our test field and directly on the customer's work site. Tesmec engineers and technicians are always available to provide commissioning activities and support for machine operation. The goal is to transfer specific know how onto the user(s) of the machines and to the appropriate management in charge of the work site in order to guide the operators.