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GD2 super offset trencher for mechanical laying

GD2, a wheel trencher of the Marais line, allows simultaneous trenching and mechanical laying for the deployment of networks (telecom, electricity, drainage, water, sanitation, gas, etc.) in rural environments. GD2 trenching wheel permits cutting outside the overall sizes of the machine, it guarantees high accuracy, productivity and a reliable costs monitoring. This model allows cutting at constant depth assuring high performance with all ground conditions for high quality networks deployment.


Simultaneous performance of the trenches and mechanical laying for the deployment of the networks

  • Network laying quality, constant depth, constant altimetry and planimetry of the laid network
  • Quality of the trench bottom thanks to the shoe, smooth clean and compact trench bottom without any salient angle
  • Non-stop shielding of the cut trench thanks to the laying unit
  • Preservation of the geometric data of the cut trench
  • Compliance with the bending radius of the cables and the ducts

Constant and reduced width of the trench, constant building cost per meter

  • Machine data remote monitoring
  • Fleet location management
  • Troubleshooting & operating conditions information

*information available according to machine configuration

  • As built data logger
  • Avoid stakeout resulting in time and cost reduction
  • Project proof upon completion

Technical Features

Tesmec Marais GD2 Wheel Trencher
  • Tangentially driven trenching wheel
  • Lateral super-offset of the tool outside the machine: 800 mm on the left and right side
  • Cutting tool mounted on pivot

Technical Specifications


MAX HORSEPOWER 475 hp (350 kW)
ENGINE Diesel Tier IV / Stage IIIb
WEIGHT 30.000 kg | 66,100 lbs
DIGGING DEPTH 0 - 140 cm | 0' - 4'1''
DIGGING WIDTH 18 - 48 cm | 7'' - 1'7''