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Georadar Explorer 3.0

Georadar Explorer 3.0 - Ground Penetrating Radar for underground utilities detection and mapping

Tesmec Georadar Explorer 3.0 is a Ground Probing Radar - GPR - which detects underground utilities, optimizing trenching and laying operations. This system has been developed to guarantee the safety of trenching work sites and to increase operational speed, avoiding utilities strike incidents. Utilizing Explorer 3.0 reduces risks and costs by providing non destructive surveing to locate underground networks. 

The 3.0 new systems has been reduced in size, making it easier and more practical. The new brakets lock and stabilize the antenna during acquisition, facilitating its movement. All the electronics, including the Control Unit, are inside the antenna box. Lithium batteries, reduced in size and weight, replace the previous lead - acid batteries and guarantee a longer service life. The GPR, integrated with Gaia (the mobile Lidar 360° detection system through photographs and 3D laser scanner) and the drone (for a high definition aerophotogrammetry) provide a mobile laboratory for a state-of-the-art jobsite.


  • High location accuracy 
  • Clearest outputs, 30 acquisition channels
  • GPS integration
  • Google maps integration
  • High acquisition rate (> 4000-5000 sqm/day in trolley configuration)
  • High acquisition rate (> 15000-20000 sqm/day in trolley configuration)
  • Reduced post-processing work
  • Reduced working time
  • Transversal scans are no longer necessary
  • Real time buried utilities visualization
  • 3D dwg drawings in real coordinates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy As-built documentation Record references for the future
  • EPT (Easy Pipe Tracking) Android App
  • Multiple applications, from carriageway to footways
  • Fundamental in investigations on footpaths
  • All-material detection, from metals to plastics

Technical Features

Tesmec Georadar Explorer 2.0 Ground Probing Radar
  • All-terrain wheels with brake (on rear wheel on the right)
  • Multi-antenna Array with dual polarization, antenna box protection with height adjustment system
  • One piece antenna box
  • GPS attachment (gps kit as optional)
  • Ergonomic and fast connectors (4 height positions selectable)
  • Wheel-free side for investigations next to sidewalks and obstacles

Technical Specifications

Sensor frequency 600 MHz 600 MHz
Weight 42 KG 92 pounds
Scan width 82.5 cm 32”
Number of channel 30 (19VV - 11HH) 30 (19VV - 11HH)
   VV channels spacing 4.3 cm 1.7”
   HH channels spacing 7.5 cm 2.9”
Power consumption 120 L 31.7 gal
   Acquisition 19 W 19 W
   Stand-by 15 W 15 W
Max operating time 8H (can be extended)  8 hrs (can be extended)
Environmental IP65 Waterproof
Max. acquisition speed 14 km/h 8.7 mph
Temperature range -20 C° / 50 C° - 4° F/ 122° F
Scan step resolution 4 cm 1.5 “
Positioning Integrated Encorder and PPS
External GPS and TPS
Certification EC, FCC, IC  
Recommended laptop PANASONIC FZ62