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Mechanical Laying

Mechanical Laying

Automatic Mechanical Laying for networks deployment

Mechanical laying is the Tesmec one pass cable installation solution. This technology is based on the use of a specific wheel trencher, which opens trenches and lays cables simultaneously. This machine can lay several cables and conducts of various size into the ground. Mechanical laying is cheaper than standard trench, up to 15 times faster than standard processes and safer, because no personnel is needed in the trenches. This solution permits the optimization of the worksite, the production of less excavated material and a general reduction of the environmental impact. Tesmec technologies guarantee a calibrated and homogeneous trench, with constant depth and an accurate cables placement.


  • Regular shaped trench with constant depth and width along the entire project
  • High precision in laying cables and ducts
  • High precision in positioning backfilled material all around cables and ducts
  • High installation speed
  • Deployment of up to 400m (1300 feet) per day in hard ground and up to 2500m (1.5 miles) per day in soft ground
  • Up to 15 times faster than standard solutions
  • No workers in deep trenches to place cables but only at a safety level
  • No trenches left opened at the end of the day
  • All restoration performed, fences closed, a day in day out technology
  • Up to 85% less accessories needed
  • Less equipment and staff for an equivalent yield resulting in reduction of potential risks for operators
  • The small size of the trench results in less material to remove and requires less imported material for backfilling
  • Less environmental impact
  • Drastic reduction in the disturbance of the work site
  • Easier resources and material management