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Bucket Wheel Trenchers

Bucket Wheel Trenchers


Bucket Wheel Trenchers for pipelines networks and ducts excavation

Tesmec Bucket Wheel Trenchers are designed for pipeline networks, agricultural applications, infrastructure and utility jobs in long distance interurban projects. They are the most productive machines for loose material. Tesmec Bucket Wheel Trenchers are equipped with a digging attachment, that allows to remove large amounts of material, complying with the digging dimensions. They can be equipped with either conical or spade tools, to ensure the maximum productivity, depending on the type of soil which is being trenched.


Well layered and brittle rock, moderately weak rock, compacted gravel and cobbles, soft soils or hard soils (like silky sand or hardpan), hard & soft dirt, clay, laterite soil, permafrost

Rock, dirt, wet materials, wet and frozen soils and even permafrost can be dug with customized pocket types, patterns and buckets which are tailored to individual need

Improve ease of use of the trencher, increase productivity and make it less dependent on operator skills

Re.M for monitoring the main parameter of the machine for preventive maintenance and diagnostic