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Rocksaw Trenchers

Rocksaw Trenchers


Rock saw Trenchers for fiber optic, electric cable and small pipelines

Conceived for the toughest conditions and especially designed for excavation of cables ducts, Rock saw Trenchers ensure high productivity to cut very hard soil and concrete. Tesmec Rock saw Trenchers are suitable for narrow and deep cut, ideal to ditch material volume. Some models can be equipped with an automatic cable laying system and an integrated back-filling system for fiber optic networks, electric cable projects and small diameter pipelines. Tesmec Rock saw Trenchers can be used in urban and extra urban contexts and can even work in extreme environmental conditions.


  • Sustainable jobsite minimizing the environmental impact especially in urban areas
  • Speed of execution

Capability to work even in the toughest conditions granting the highest standard of accuracy and safety

  • Capability to perform up to three operations in one step
  • Avoid stakeout thanks to GPS data recorder (as-built)
  • Easier trencher operation
  • Maximized excavation efficiency
  • Re.M for monitoring the main parameters of the machine
  • Preventive maintenance and diagnostic