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Tesmec surface miners

Surface Mining with Tesmec Rock Hawg

What has surface mining in common with power, safety, efficiency, productivity and precision? The answer is Rock Hawg, Tesmec surface mining equipment especially conceived for hard rock excavation. Consistent excavated material size makes for no need of primary crushing, resulting in easy loading and hauling and eventual reutilization of the material.

Tesmec surface miners are suitable to excavate even strong and unfractured rock, cutting vertical walls and square corners while producing low amount of dust.

Tesmec surface mining machines can be equipped with laser for grade control and/or GPS for auto steering and grade control. The high production capacity of Tesmec Rock Hawg reduces the need of multiple units to a single unit working in the area, guaranteeing an easy job site to manage.

The shock and vibration from Rock Hawg excavation process is negligible, and therefore the danger zone to surrounding structures becomes a non-issue.

The special drum attachment with carbide diggings tools accompanied with the high engine power allows for a very efficient hourly output per each unit.

Tesmec Rock Hawg is environmentally friendly in terms of Noise and Vibrations Emissions.


Here you can discover the features of Tesmec Rock Hawg models: 975EVO (NEW), 1150EVO and 1475XL EVO