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Catenary Geometry and Contact Wire Wear System

Catenary Geometry and Contact Wire Wear System


The measurement system consists in 3 optical boxes based on laser triangulation technology, that allow contactless measurements with high levels of accuracy. The geolocation of the measurements is guaranteed by a GNSS unit, combined with an odometrical system that calculates the displacement using a quadrature encoder. All the measurements are referred to the center of the running surface, thanks to a compensation system that allows monitoring of the horizontal and vertical displacements of the coach body. All the defects detected are saved in a file and sent to the infrastructure manager who can post-process the data and proceed with its maintenance.

Measured Parameters

  • Catenary Height
  • Stagger
  • Slope
  • Wear


Main Features

  • Max acquisition speed: 140 km/h
  • Wire height/stagger sampling rate (Space): 200 mm
  • Wire wear sampling rate (Space): 20 mm
  • Recognition mode: max n°4 wires.