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CTSU208 – Rail road application


The system is installed on a rail-road truck and it is capable to install up to 2 catenary and contact wires simultaneously, under different tensions and with independent controls, in one working direction.


It can access any standard (RRAP) Road Rail Access Point

One single operator working on a centralized control panel carries out all the operations of the stringing unit

It runs both contact and catenaries at full tension simultaneously

Thanks to the automatic hydraulic opening negative brakes system, this unit keeps the tension in the wires when the system is not operating

Thanks to the control panel which provides all the control devices necessary for stringing operations

Safer and more efficient job site management

Technical Features

  • 1 independent twin puller-tensioner
  • 2 motorized reel stands
  • 1 power unit
  • 1 supporting flat
  • 1 centralized control system
  • Wire guiding rollers on the platform and wire guiding telescopic adjustable top rollers

Technical specifications

Max Tension Power Dimensions Mass
2 X 20 Kn 48 kW at 2600 RPM L: 8700mm H: 2280mm (upper structure) 7800 kg