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CTSU210 - Light package


CTSU210 is a light-package solution, capable to string up to 2 catenary and contact wires simultaneously, under different tensions up to not less than 20kN) with independent controls, in two working directions. The tensioning system for railway wiring operations is composed by working units mounted on 1 flat, to be installed on one existing railway wagon provided by the customer.


The tensioning system installed on bearing frames, allows a modularity of the whole winch/reels/recovery stand/mast optimizing space and creating better maintainability.

The control panel provides all the control devices necessary for stringing and recovering operations.

New Tesmec designed electronic controls that allow a more simple use and a careful control of all operating parameters.

The circuit is designed to grant the maximum level of safety in case of failures.

Technical Features

  • 1 independent twin puller-tensioner
  • 4 motorized reel stands
  • 1 power unit
  • 1 centralized control system
  • Wire guiding rollers on the platform
  • 2 wire guiding telescopic adjustable top rollers 
  • 2 wire positioner masts
  • 1 supporting flat

Technical Specifications

Max Tension Power Dimensions Mass
2 x 20 kN 63 kW L: 14000 mm H: 2800mm (upper structure) 20.000 kg