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Snow removal solution TSNC700

For the Norwegian government’s agency for railway services (Bane Nor - former Jernbaneverket), Tesmec designed and manufactured a heavy railcar for the maintenance of railway, tramway and underground railway lines, as well as for shunting and towing of immobilized trains. The unit, suitable to operate even at low temperatures (functioning range: -40°C -/+35 °C), has been designed to be equipped with optional tools for snow removal (snowblowers, snow plows) and for the cleaning of railway lines (from light snow, ballast or leaves), running on Norway Railway Network.

It is made up of a main frame with:

  • N°1 driver cabin without open area as far as possible
  • A crane fitted in the opposite position of the driver cabin.

Moreover, the vehicle has two bogies with all four motor axles, a pneumatic braking system and a diesel propulsion group.