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OCPC501 and CTSU204 for the Eagle P3 commuter rail project

The multipurpose vehicle OCPC501 has been specifically designed and manufactured by Tesmec for the installation of the contact line and maintenance of the catenary. The vehicle is designed to work together with a Tesmec constant tension stringing wagon (CTSU) for catenary installation on railway lines and metro lines. OCPC501 and CTSU204 were delivered on November 2013 in Denver, Colorado. After the commissioning activities, they were involved in the Eagle P3 commuter rail project in Denver. Eagle P3 is a public-private commuter rail project involving the Regional Transportation District and Denver Transit Partners to develop parts of the FasTracks public transportation program in Denver. It is a 36 miles, 25kv AC system, that runs from Downtown Denver’s Union Station East to Denver International Airport, North to Westminster, (also including a maintenance facility), and west to Arvada.

Tesmec is proud that its advanced railway equipment has been chosen for this strategic project.

AllAboard the Wire Train, Eagle’s High-Flying Stringing Machine

Denver Transit Partners (DTP), the concessionaire for the Eagle P3 Project, acquired a unique rail-mounted machine that allows crews to install overhead wires while under tension. Normally, crews drape wiring over the mountings and pull it taut afterward. But the wire train, made by Tesmec S.p.A. of Grassobbio, Italy, installs the wires under tension and makes the work go four times as fast. 
Main advantages
  • Modularity of operating machines depending on the needs of the customer
  • Vehicle versatility in both paired stringing operations and stand-alone mode, during the catenary maintenance or diagnostic operations
  • High practicality of the operating machines; the layout of working tools ensures great performance in terms of: speed, handiness and safety in the combined operations of working basket+platform or working basket+mast
  • Simple vehicle’s maintenance; optimized layout of main frame components