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France - Tem Ferro



The Group SNCF Réseau - Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français - assigned the work of regeneration of the catenary between the railway stations of Paris Austerlitz and Bretigny sur Orge, on line C of the RER network, to the RC2 consortium, consisting of TSO Catenaires, Mobility, ETF and Setec Ferroviaire, four of the most important French contractors in the sector. Tesmec Group will work with the technical team of the RC2 consortium for the design of the railcars and the definition the work methodology, starting from the specifications of the tender and transforming them into technical solutions, as well as it will supply a fleet of 9 vehicles.

The works will be carried out without interruption of the line C of the RER network. SNCF Réseau’s goal is to replace the current worn-out network, which requires continuous passenger service suspension for extraordinary repairs and

maintenance, with a new 1,500 V network (CSRR - Catenaire Simple Renforcee Regularisee - for a traffic speed of 160 km/h) that is considered safer, more reliable and with better performance.

Therefore, SNCF Réseau intends to standardize its network through the development and diffusion of this new technology. In order to carry out the work, the RC2 consortium has then decided to design and manufacture new machines able to efficiently, reliably and safely perform the several operations.

The fleet of 9 rail vehicles designed and built by Tesmec Group will consist of:

  • 2 vehicles with recovery reels;
  • 1 vehicle equipped with a stringing system and devices for the installation of new contact wires;
  • 2 vehicles for wire’s support and working platforms for mounting operations on the cantilevers;
  • 1 vehicle equipped with a stringing system for specific operations of wire installation;
  • 1 vehicles for cable fixing;
  • 2 vehicles for droppers’ installation.