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Czech Republic

Czech Republic


Tesmec proposed the following solutions for Elzel (Elektrizace železnic Praha), which is specialized in design, production, assembly and construction of catenary in the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

n° 4 Multipurpose vehicles with bogie OCPD001

  • 1 working platform, 1 crane basket, 2 derricks and 1 loading crane as “positioner”;
  • equipped with signaling system, homologation and full maintenance service (FMS) for 6 years;
  • on-board control system for travelling in train mode (maximum speed 140 km/h), ensuring the activity of passenger trains in Italy without the interruption of the line;
  • diagnostic systems to measure the height and the polygonation of the catenary wire for the certification of the performed activities.


n° 1 Stringing vehicle CTSU209

The system is able to string up to 2 catenary and contact wire simultaneously, under different tensions (min of 5 kN to not less than 25 kN) with independent controls, in two working directions.

Tensioning system for railway wiring operations composed by working units mounted on 4 flats, to be installed on one existing railway wagon provided by customer.

  • recovering device integrated;
  • max tensioning speed: 5 km/h