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CTSB206 – Self propelled unit


CTSB206 is a semi-pilot and self-propelled vehicle equipped with one driving cabin in which power, recovery and tension stringing controls are installed.


The puller-tensioners have a load cell measuring device (PATENTED) incorporated, to grant a high accuracy pull/tension direct measurement in automatic control mode. The hydraulic drive of the reel-stand automatically adjusts its output torque according to the working layers of cables on the reel, measured by the ultrasonic sensor device.

The tensioning system installed on bearing frames, allows a modularity of the whole winch/reels/recovery stand/mast, optimizing space and creating better maintainability.

The maximum value of the applicable stringing force (35kN for each conductor) allows for stringing operations also on railway lines where the most stringent standards are applied, and the most innovative materials are used.

The circuit is designed to grant the maximum level of safety in case of failures.

Technical Features

  • Hydraulically actuated conductor clamp
  • Reel stand with automatic lateral compensation movement
  • Positioning mast with lifting crane capability
  • Tail wire compensation device

Technical Specifications

Max Tension Power Dimensions Mass
2 x 35 kN 283 kW at 2100 RPM L : 19900mm H : 4238 mm 76.000 kg