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The TSNC700 is designed for the maintenance of railway lines. The unit can operate with outside temperatures as low as -40°C -/+35 °C. Thanks to its versatility, the TSNC7000 can be equipped with optional tools for track maintenance. Snow-blowers, leaf brushes and snowplows are some of the useful attachments for the cleaning and maintenance of railway lines. The vehicle is composed by a main frame with a cabin, a loading bed and a loading crane; moreover, the vehicle has two trucks with four motor axles, a pneumatic braking system and a diesel propulsion group.


  • Maintenance of railway
  • Shunting
  • Towing of immobilized trains


  • With easily removable double blades, when required, on one side
  • The blades of the snowplow will be hydraulically adjustable: right and left at different angles and straight and V positions

With two snow blowing shafts, cutter blades to cut snow and driven with a hydraulic system on one side

Used to clear snow residues on the track after the snow clearing by the snow blowing system up to the sleeper level

To clear snow residues on the track within the gauge after the work of the snow blowing unit or snow scraping unit

Technical Features 

  • Stability of the machine is continuously monitored, taking loading on crane and cant into consideration.
  • Bogie with an excellent dynamic behavior, tested, homologated and approved in various railway projects.
  • Hydrostatic traction system in closed circuit: the vehicle can work and travel as a self-propelled machine.
  • Smooth and highly accurate movements
  • Low wheel wear
  • Good inscription on curved tracks
  • Excellent dynamic behavior during the driving of vehicle
  • Excellent traction management
  • Better adherence on track with ice and snow

Technical specifications

Track gauge   1.435 mm
Maximum length including buffers  16.440 mm 
Maximum width  3.363 mm
Maximum height  4.241 mm
Mass at full load 68.700 kg
Diesel engine  640 kW @ 1800 rpm
Max speed self-propelled mode  100 km/h
Maximum speed in convoy 100 km/h
Maximum working speed for oeprations with crane 7.2 km/h
Maximum lifting moment  13.900 kg*m