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Catenary installation Solutions

Catenary installation Solutions


The Railway Catenary is made up of the supporting cable with typical catenary shape and the contact cable that is as straight as possible, as it is the contact point with the train pantograph. As the inventor and leader of tension stringing technology in the powerline sector, Tesmec innovatively applied this technology to the installation of railway catenary. Tesmec designs, manufactures and supplies advanced catenary installation vehicles for rail infrastructure, particularly suited for High Speed Lines. Together with the continuous updating of the railway catenary's technical standard, Tesmec continues developing cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide the most advanced integrated solutions for catenary operations.


Thanks to the pre-set automatic control of tension cables, the stringing force is extremely accurate, and it is possible to install the droppers at same working phase

Each cable can be strung with individual pre-set force by a set of adherence wheels

In case of failure, Tesmec CTSU allow to complete the working section in two possible situations: (Mode 1) electronic failure: hydraulic stringing mode (Mode 2) general failure: emergency stringing mode

Wide range of optional CTSU are specifically designed for each customer in accordance with local railway regulations and main project parameters

Tesmec Stringing System Upper Structure can be easily coupled to the Customer's own flat chassis by using the same “Twist Lock” container connections. Furthermore, rail transportation from Tesmec factory to Railway job site is no longer necessary

Made by interchangeable nylon sectors or treated steel in order to allow a smooth load transfer to the cables without any torsional stress