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The multipurpose vehicle OCPC400 is a self-propelled unit designed for:

  • catenary maintenance
  • refurbishment and installation of new catenary lines.

It is made up of a main frame with two cabins, a platform and a crane equipped with a working basket.


Travelling as a passenger train on active line

Fast and easy movement of vehicles on the railway line: less time to move vehicles in different work sites.

Two driving cabins one on each vehicle end, with a driver/co-driver desks

The pantograph installed on cabin allows to ground the vehicle, by means of the short circuiting of the catenary line with the rail, during the execution of the works

Technical Features

  • Self levelling crane with basket for catenary installation
  • Working platform with a special cinematic to travel on the side of catenary line
  • This model could be equipped with the Automatic Train Control System (SSC/SCMT -Baseline3) to provide high safety levels of travel phase.

Main features

Track gauge 1.435 mm
Max length including buffers 14.230 mm
Max width  3.160 mm
Max height  4.285 mm
Mass at full load  37.000 kg
Diesel engines  400 kw @ 2100 rpm
Max speed self-propelled mode 100 km/h
Max speed in convoy 120 km/h

Platform and crane technical features

Platform maximum load (n° 3 workers + tools) 540 kg
Working basket max load (n°2 workers + tools) 240 kg