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Maintenance Service

In the Railway Sector, contracts are mainly of the maintenance service type, with the assignment of the development of maintenance and execution of maintenance functions (certified activity). The execution of maintenance (scheduled maintenance, corrective maintenance, extraordinary maintenance, maintenance required by law) can take place at the customer's production sites or at Tesmec's production sites. For the execution of maintenance in foreign countries, the Group makes use of the collaboration of workshops evaluated and qualified by the Group itself in terms of technical, production capacity and equipment and whose personnel are always trained by Tesmec on the operation and use of the equipment, on the research and analysis of the fault and on the operations to be performed for each type of maintenance.

Re.M - Machine and Fleet Remote Monitoring for Railway Equipment    

The Re.M (Remote Monitoring system) provides operating, maintenance and troubleshooting information allowing 24/7 monitoring of fleets of vehicles, optimization of maintenance operations and high efficiency in service activity. It means that in the event of a fault, technicians or managers can start the troubleshooting process and decide what type of crew and what parts will most likely be required, before heading out for the machine.

Methodologies – Tesmec consultancy

In addition to the know how in the design of high technological rail vehicles, Tesmec can help customers to define the best working methodology for their projects. A specialized staff of engineers and technologists will evaluate the project requirements identifying proper operations and the best equipment to fulfil those requirements. Tesmec advice will make your job faster, safer and more efficiently.