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Catenary and track maintenance vehicles

Catenary & Track maintenance vehicles


Maintenance of the railway infrastructure is mandatory to provide a safe service. Damage or broken catenary will cause transport interruptions and economical drawbacks. Also, the track is a key element of a railway line: it guarantees the traction power transmission to the ground and the train locomotion, keeping the train on the right way. If the track is obstructed or dirty the deposit on the line must be removed. Tesmec designs and manufactures railway vehicles to solve all these problems.

Catenary maintenance vehicles are multipurpose self-propelled units designed for catenary maintenance, refurbishment and installation of new catenary lines, by means of the special tools installed on board.

These vehicles can be with bogie or axle configuration, made up by a main frame with two cabins, while the equipment may change according to the model: crane basket, crane with hook, working platform.

In addition, Tesmec designs and manufactures vehicles for snow and ice removal or for railway lines cleaning (from light snow, ballast or leaves).

These units are suitable for operating also at low temperatures, as well as for shunting and towing of immobilized trains, can be equipped with optional tools.


  • Working hour reductions
  • Less personnel
  • Optimization of working vehicle with a different fleet management
  • Each vehicle or vehicles connected in a convoy are allowed to travel as a passenger train on active line: no traffic interruption
  • Cost saving: reduced fleet asset and staff, reduction of working times
  • The Automatic Train Control System (STB -Baseline3) to provide high safety levels of travel phase. 
  • Increased operational flexibility of the convoy.