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The multipurpose vehicle OCPD001 is a self-propelled unit designed for catenary maintenance, refurbishment and installation of new catenary lines, by means of the special tools installed on board. It is made up of a main frame with two cabins, a platform, two special derricks, a crane equipped with working basket and a crane with hook. This unit can be equipped with a range of accessories to complete the equipment, making it customizable to the needs of working teams. The vehicle is equipped with the Automatic Train Control System (SSC/SCMT -Baseline3) to provide high safety levels during the travel phase.


It works as a passenger train in Italy without interrupting the line, thanks to the on-board control system to travel in train mode (maximum speed 140 km / h)

Vehicle homologated and registered in the Italian national register for circulation on the active line without interrupting the Italian rail network

Safer, more efficient and faster work operations - thanks to a platform and crane with integrated cable positioner

Thanks to on-board diagnostic systems to measure the height and polygonation of the catenary cable

Technical Features

  • Railway Crane with basket for catenary installation
  • New hydrostatic traction system with automatic transmission in all speed ranges (from 0 up to 140 km/h)
  • Working platform with a special cinematic to travel on the side of catenary line
  • High performance options (ice-breaking pantograph, diagnostic laser system and snow blower device)

Technical Specifications

Track gauge 1.435 mm
Max length including buffers 21.840 mm
Max width 3.184 mm
Max height 4.171 mm
Mass at full load 84.500 kg
Diesel engines 1.030 kW @ 1.800 rpm
Max speed self-propelled mode 140 km/h
Max speed in convoy 140 km/h

Platform main Technical Features

Dimensions 4.200 x 1.500 mm
Main platform max height (floor from t.o.r) 8.400 mm
Secondary platform max height (floor from t.o.r) 10.400 mm
Max load on main platform (n°3 workers + tools) 540 kg
Max load on secondary platform (n°2 workers + tools) 240 kg

Crane Basket main Technical Features

Max load (n°2 workers + tools) 240 kg
Crane basket max height (floor from t.o.r) 14,5 m
Crane basket min height (for under bridge operations) -3,5 m