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Diagnostic solutions and systems

Diagnostic solutions and systems


Very-high speed transportation services and traffic frequency ask for more and more stringent safety standards. Certification of both railway infrastructures and vehicles is mandatory to open lines to new operators. Predictive maintenance is the way to faster availability of well-known and reliable assets.

Monitoring wear, position and tension of the contact wire and all the relevant parameters of the track geometry allow predictive and preventive maintenance. Tesmec Integrated System for the diagnostic of railway infrastructure are based on an end to end Edge services stack:

  • Diagnostic vehicles to collect data of railway infrastructure
  • Sensor systems and data acquisition
  • EDGE, a data collection software component on board to manage the data acquisition and sharing with a centralized cloud platform
  • Centralized platform for data visualization and analysis, together with alarm management


  • optimized asset management through data analysis
  • real-time information
  • solid standards and assets for the storage, synchronization and communication of data
  • remote global access to local defects of diagnostic experts from central office
  • implemented new smart sensors and data collection for more frequent and comprehensive monitoring
  • built big data predictive maintenance models (Artificial Intelligence)