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Rail diagnostic vehicle

Tesmec design and manufacture diagnostic vehicles with integrated diagnostic systems for unmanned diagnostic and data management platform. The diagnostic vehicles model OCPD002 are designed according to the latest European Standard EN14033 and equipped with Diagnostic Measuring Systems used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes on the National Railway Network. It is composed by a main frame, bogies and a superstructure, customized according to the Customer’s requirement (cabins, diagnostic area, meeting room, kitchen area).

The vehicle has been equipped with the following Diagnostic devices: Redundant Track Geometry System  (Rail Profile and Wear) – Redundant Catenary Geometry and Wear – Diagnostic System for switches


  • Less on board operators
  • Reduced human errors
  • Increased monitoring and control

Technical Features 

  • Diagnostic area designed to achieve the maximum comfort for operators, in terms of space and sound
  • High compatibility with hydro static transmission
  • High efficiency of the power transmission system to the hydraulic pumps
  • Wide range of curves at maximum torque (between 1000 and 1500 rpm)
  • Excellent weight / power ratio
  • Efficient reduction of gaseous emissions (thanks to the post-treatment system with SCR catalyst)

Technical specifications

Track gauge  1.435 mm
Maximum length (between buffers)  21.840 mm
Maximum width  3.057 mm
Maximum heigth from rail level  4.265 mm
Total engine power 515 kW @ 1800 rpm
Minimum curve radius on track  150 m
Max Speed self-propelled mode 140 km/h
Max Speed in convoy 140 km/h
Full load weight  69,5 ton