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Detection and mapping

Detection and Mapping with GPR

Detection and mapping of buried utilities with GPR

Tesmec gives priority to safety and brand new technologies in all its businesses. The ability to determine the location of underground utilities limits the risk of having a utility strikes, operators injuries, projects delay, or needs of repair. Utilizing a Ground Penetrating Radar reduces risks and costs and promotes a sustainable work environment by providing non-destructive testing for locating underground networks. New cities' developement must be based on GPR methodology; Tesmec is at disposal of municipalities to provide reliable underground maps in order to project and develop future Smart Cities.

Explorer 3.0 is the new Tesmec Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), developed for the detection of buried utilities before trenching. Explorer 3.0 minimizes the risk of accidents during new infrastructures installation, guaranteeing public safety and reducing the overall costs of construction sites.


Safe work environment thanks to the minimization of the risk of accidents and damages

Reduction of the overall costs of construction sites, no risk to face trouble or losing money in case of breakdown of existing underground utilities

  • Minimization of the risk of delays due to accidents, injury or repair
  • Speed of execution

Public annoyance and any inconvenience for commercial activities and road traffic

EPT (Easy Pipe Tracking) Android App