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Surface Miners

Surface Miners


Rock Hawgs for surface mining, tunneling, bulk excavation for road-rail-civil infrastructures

Tesmec Rock Hawgs can provide surface mining effective solutions for bulk rock & ore excavation across a broad spectrum of project applications: road-civil, rail, tunnels, mining. Tesmec Rock Hawg technology allows excavating in a cost-effective way even strong and unfractured rock, completely substituting and avoiding the use of explosive. This aspect can be of primary importance and make the Rock Hawg (RH) surface miner a viable alternative to drill and blast methods, considering that the use of explosives is being subject to restrictive regulations and, often, environmental constraint can make blasting uneconomical. The productivity of a RH surface miner can be more than 3 times the one of an excavator of the same weight, equipped with hydraulic rock breaker. Excavating with a reduced number of machines increases efficiency, safety and costs for maneuvering and servicing. Rock Hawg produces small and quite uniform material with a tight particle size, avoiding primary crushing and more efficient settings on secondary and tertiary crushing systems.


  • Blast-free technology
  • Smooth and highly stable benches
  • One RH can replace several conventional machines. The number of people in the site is reduced, and Job site management is easier
  • Ability to precisely adjust the depth of excavation
  • Possibility of separating the excavated materials, resulting in lower costs of subsequent transactions
  • Thin seam mining become possible
  • Excavation and crushing are carried out in one single phase
  • No need for primary crushing, and other crushing stages can work more efficiently
  • Excavated material can be handled easily, and directly loaded on standard trucks or conveyors
  • RH are very flexible and can be mobilized easily
  • No need for complex plant installation, and RH can start producing immediately after their arrival in the site
  • Level of dust and noise significantly lower than explosives
  • Vibrations and shocks are negligible, with no danger for existing structures
  • Potential uses in areas close to bridges, roads, railways and towns

Lower cutting speed and increased digging chain pull resulting in higher productivity in harder rock, picks consumption decrease and less fuel consumption

Improve ease of use of the machine, increase productivity and make it less dependent on operator skills

Re.M for monitoring the main parameter of the machine for preventive maintenance and diagnostic