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Trencher rental

Trencher rental


Tesmec can offer rental solutions to best meet the needs of each of its customers and align with the specifications of each project.

Whether conducting urban excavations, working in rural areas, laying cables, or facilitating earthworks, Tesmec has a wide range of machinery that is available to cover an equally wide range of applications.

Tesmec offers a diversified fleet of machines to guarantee the high quality of its products while offering integrated and technologically advanced solutions in the right place at the right time.

Why rely on a rental?

Depending on the characteristics of the individual project, sometimes the rental can be the most convenient solution. In particular, rentals are most desirable when dealing with:

Short to medium term projects that do not involve fixed capital investments

Projects with limited resources that do not involve fixed capital investments

Machines to be used only on a specific project; no new similar applications expected in the future

Technologically advanced solutions; ready to use

Limited investments, programmable and scheduled allocation of financial resources

Based on the project, you can choose the machine with features that best suit your specific needs within the Tesmec fleet

You would like to try a new Tesmec machine or new technology before committing to a purchase

In all other cases, the purchase of trenching machines is generally recommended.

Ask us for more information! Our experts are at your disposal to evaluate the most economical and efficient solution for your needs.

*Service temporarily not available in former CIS countries.