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Chainsaw Trenchers

Chainsaw Trenchers


Chainsaw Trenchers for pipelines cables ducts excavation

The engineered design of Tesmec Chainsaw trenchers ensures minimal over-excavation with regular trench walls and floor. The excavated material is deposited in a continuous windrow alongside the trench or discharged directly on a dump truck thanks to a loader conveyor. Tesmec Chainsaw trenchers are suitable for water conduits, utilities, pipelines and cables ducts (fiber optic projects or electric cable networks) excavation, also in residential areas or near networks of pipes and urban infrastructure. Chainsaw machines guarantee reliability and high productivity even with tough condition, hard and abrasive rocks.


Chainsaw trenchers are provided with a special digging attachment, ideal for digging in anything from hard rock to dirt/soil

  • Productivity increase
  • Picks consumption decrease
  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Minimized number of machines and operators needed on the job site
  • Minimized the quantity of excavated material going to waste and its costs
  • Reduced or eliminated truck haulage and handling involved in the export of waste and import of intimate backfill (bedding and padding) and its costs

High precision and clean trenches

  • Minimum volumes of removed material
  • Less machines on jobsite resulting in lower emission
  • Easier trencher operation
  • Maximized excavation efficiency
  • Less dependence on operator skills

Re.M for monitoring the main parameter of the machine for preventive maintenance and diagnostic