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Sidecut SC4P

Radio-controlled Clean&Fast solution for urban trenching

Sidecut SC4P Marais wheeled trencher allows cutting on sidewalks with limited disturbance to pedestrian and traffic during the works. It’s a machine that assures less personnel needed on site, increases the safety on and reduces the environmental impact.

This model is designed for the deployment of fiber optic networks in urban environment. SC4P it’s fully remote controlled and easy to transport thanks to its light weight, it allows a flexible cut thanks to the axially driven cutting wheel.


  • Cleanliness of microtrenches and job site
  • Reduced noise emission
  • Small foot print on roads
  • No damage to road foundations
  • Speed of execution
  • Trenching in curbs
  • Sidewalk can be used again very soon
  • No disturbance to pedestrians during the works
  • Trenching in restricted areas
  • Trench in curves
  • Adapt to the urban strains
  • Easily transportable
  • Quick network deployment process
  • Reduction in building costs
  • Machine data remote monitoring
  • Fleet location management
  • Troubleshooting & operating conditions information

*information available according to machine configuration

  • As built data logger
  • Avoid stakeout resulting in time and cost reduction
  • Project proof upon completion

Technical Features

Tesmec Marais SC4P Rocksaw Trencher
  • Limited vehicle size allows cutting in sidewalks
  • On-board GPS system to create “As-Built” documentation
  • Controlled drive cutting wheel
  • Sound-proofing of the components allows limited disturbance to residents
  • Tilt of the tool which allows to realize a vertical trench
  • Removable cutting segments for optimum production with lower maintenance costs
  • Removable weights for reducing transportation costs
  • Articulated steering for tight radius trench cuts
  • Trenching wheel mounted on 5 axis boom resulting in higher trenching versatility

Technical Specifications

ENGINE Kohler KDI 2504 TCR Stage V
MAX HORSEPOWER 74 hp (54.5 kW)
WEIGHT 3.000 kg | 6,600 lbs 
DIGGING DEPTH 0 - 35 cm | 0' - 1'2"
DIGGING WIDTH 3,5 - 7 cm | 1" - 3"