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Tesmec M5 chainsaw trencher

Tesmec’s largest torque converter equipped unit @ 440 hp features industry leading high chain pull and very low chain speed. Oriented toward trenching requirements in highly abrasive and extreme rock conditions, this model can work both single chain and double chain boom. Series M has its optimal application in case of rock mass unfractured and strong rock, assuring a reduced teeth consumption; it’s conceived for pipelines construction, underground powerlines installation and channel excavation. TrenchTronic 5.0 equipped.


High performance in highly abrasive and extreme rock conditions

  • Easier trencher operation
  • Maximized excavation efficiency
  • Less dependence on operator skills
  • Machine data remote monitoring
  • Fleet location management
  • Troubleshooting & operating conditions information

*information available according to machine configuration

  • Extra-high precision 3D GPS system
  • Automatic depth and grade control
  • Autosteering to a predefined path
  • Pass optimization and fleet control
  • As built data logger
  • Avoid stakeout resulting in time and cost reduction
  • Project proof upon completion

Technical Features

Tesmec M5 Chainsaw Trencher
  • Torque Converter Drive System
  • Ultra low chain speed & high chain pull assuring performances also in very hard rock
  • Single/double chain allow different application
  • Pressurized, elevating ROPS cab with A/C and sound suppression
  • TrenchTronic 5.0 for maximized excavation efficiency

Technical Specifications


MAX HORSEPOWER 440 hp (328 kW)
ENGINE CAT C13 ACERT Tier4 final
WEIGHT 63.956 - 77.563 kg | 141,000 - 171,000 lbs
GROUND PRESSURE 13.7 - 16.7 psi (0.96 - 1.17 kg/cm2)
DIGGING DEPTH 183 - 610 cm | 6' - 20'
DIGGING WIDTH 40-107 cm | 1'4" - 3'6"