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400MCT R670

Tesmec 400MCT R670 Rocksaw trencher

High performance wheel trencher designed for Fiber Optic projects within urban environments. The radio-controlled models will feature an offset back-end digging facility together with a bucket loading conveyor system. As an additional option - a mechanical cable laying concept is available on request. 400MCT R670 is designed to work parallel close to the hard shoulder of the road in order to limit traffic and pedestrian disruptions. In order to increase ease of use and excavation efficiency this model is equipped with the latest version of TrenchTronic 5.0 system. Extreme speed of execution is made possible with the new introduction of the powerful engine that delivers 218-238 Hp.


The 400MCT is available in 4 different configurations: axially driven rocksaw, tangentially driven trenching rockwheel, chainsaw and mole plow backends for utilities jobsites with automatic laying of telecom and energy cables.

  • Trench cut
  • Loading of materials
  • Laying of the cable
  • Backfill all in one passage (according to configuration)
  • Improved speed of execution
  • Extreme digging accuracy
  • Designed for urban and Rural verge area jobsites
  • Radius curves are cut thanks to digging attachment pivot
  • Minimum disturbance on urban traffic
  • Reduced noise with low emission
  • Minimum disruption to pedestrians and residents during trenching operations
  • Controlled trenching operations
  • Maximized excavation efficiency
  • Shorter operator Training for optimum output
  • Machine data remote monitoring
  • Fleet location management
  • Troubleshooting & operating conditions information

*information available according to machine configuration

MCT400 is a radio-controlled system allowing the operator to have a complete view of the surrounding area & trench line cut increasing safety and productivity to the highest standards

  • Real-time data log
  • Automatic as-built map

Technical Features

Tesmec MCT400 T670 Rocksaw Trencher
  • Offset and super-offset (available upon request) digging back-end to work near the shoulder of the road
  • Rubber track pads for asphalt protection
  • Hydraulic rollers for mechanical laying system – available upon request
  • Bucket loading conveyor – available upon request
  • Multi-attachment machine: axially driven rocksaw, tangentially driven trenching rockwheel, chainsaw, plow
  • Reel carrier - available upon request
  • TrenchTronic 5.0
  • Smart Tracker for automatic as-built map – available upon request

Technical Specifications

TIER 3 ENGINE  218 HP (160 kW)
DIGGING DEPTH 30 - 67 cm | 1' - 2' 2''
DIGGING WIDTH - NARROW 8 - 15 cm | 3'' - 6''
DIGGING WIDTH - WIDE 15 - 20 cm | 6'' - 8''