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Tesmec 985 Chainsaw Trencher

Mid-size self-leveling offset Chainsaw trencher conceived to satisfy all ranges of customers: from highway constructors to pipeline contractors and other customers working on projects where space is one of the main issues. 985 Chainsaw features a 375HP-CAT Tier 4 / StageV engine and is equipped with a center mounted truck conveyor, which unloads spoil directly into the truck located in front of the machine, thus limiting the space taken up. This trencher model is TrenchTronic 4.0 equipped that makes it very user friendly.


  • Able to trench, load materials onto a truck, lay the cable, backfill the trench all in one machine
  • Speed of execution
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Designed for urban areas job sites
  • Maneuverability within one lane road width
  • The trenching equipment is attached onto a pivot able to take any road curves (even round about)
  • Easier trencher operation
  • Maximized excavation efficiency
  • Less dependence on operator skills
  • Machine data remote monitoring
  • Fleet location management
  • Troubleshooting & operating conditions information

*information available according to machine configuration

  • Extra-high precision 3D GPS system
  • Automatic depth and grade control
  • Autosteering to a predefined path
  • Pass optimization and fleet control
  • As built data logger
  • Avoid stakeout resulting in time and cost reduction
  • Project proof upon completion

Technical Features

Tesmec 985 Chainsaw Trencher
  • Truck Loading conveyor to load large trucks or be shut down when materials can be directly re used
  • Complete conveyor folds back onto the machine for easier transport
  • Single/double chain attachment mounted on offset allows different applications
  • Pressurized cab with air conditioning, heating, sound suppression
  • Elevating cab module with roll over protection (ROPS) allows visibility improvement for the operator
  • TrenchTronic 4.0 for maximized excavation efficiency

Technical Specifications


MAX HORSEPOWER 375 hp (280 kW)
ENGINE CAT C9.3 ACERT Tier 4 Final /  Stage V
WEIGHT 27.000 - 35.000 kg | 59,500 - 77,100 lbs
GROUND PRESSURE 11.4 - 14.3 psi (0.8 - 1.0 kg / cm2)
DIGGING DEPTH 122 - 183 cm | 4' - 6'
DIGGING WIDTH 30 - 71 cm | 1' - 2'4"