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OPGW Installation & Safety on Crossing

OPGW Installation & Safety on Crossing


Tesmec offers a complete line of machines and equipment dedicated to Earth Wire and OPGW installations and reconductoring. The full and customized package for live line OPGW reconductoring can be used as a safety system in case of road and rail crossings. All the products are designed according with IEC TR 61328, ensuring the top level of safety, reducing all the risks for operators and preventing conductor damages.

Tesmec Stringing OPGW Installation
Tesmec Stringing Solutions for OPGW Installation
Tesmec Stringin Safety on Crossings and OPGW Installation
Optical Ground Wire Stringing Solutions by Tesmec

Value Proposition

The grooves are made of high resistance nylon sectors, according to IEC TR 61328. This hard surface has several advantages that prevent damages on the OPGW, the most important are:

  • Low torsional stress resulting in no birdcaging risk.
  • Smooth self-alignment of the cable at the bottom of the groove.
  • No need to change conductor reeving direction according to cable formation.
  • AFS303, in addition to all the advantages related to the hard surface (see the previous box), allows the max. precision level during reconductoring operations:
  • The pull pre-setting system controls the stringing tension with high precision (+-5% accuracy).
  • Single drive pinion transmission ensures same speed of the bull-wheels while torque value can be different. This prevents slippage or overloads on the cable.
  • The best solution for live line replacement of Earth Wire/OPGW with OPGW and safety nets on critical crossing.
  • High speed and pulling capacity for:
    • Heavy operations execution, such as safety nets and longer span.
    • Operating times reduction.
  • The combination of the OPGW anti-twisting devices RFF and the clamp for fiber optic MOF model guarantees the best protection from the torque preventing all the risks related to its damage.
  • RFF is specifically designed to connect the pulling rope with an OPGW: its two arched rods facilitate the overtake of the blocks and two counterweights avoid cable twisting.
  • The clamp model MOF has special liners shaped on the exact OPGW external diameter.



Code Range Layout Bull Wheel Diameter Grooves Number Engine Power
3,5 kN Single 120 mm 6 3,3 kW
ARS200 15 kN Single 200 mm 7 13 kW
ARS403 35 kN Single 325 mm 7 25 kW
FRS301 25 kN Single 1500 mm 5 -
AFS303 25 kN Single 1500 mm 5 34 kW


Code Description
RFF / CZL OPGW anti-torque devices and fiber optic clamp
TMT / TMR Traction machine
ABR Cradle blocks