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Tower Erection

Tower Erection


Tesmec proposes complete solutions for lifting works and tower erection. Thanks to the continuous technical improvements, Tesmec has realized the perfect match between hydraulic winches and derricks, ensuring the top level of safety and efficiency: all machines and tools for lifting works are CE marked.

Tesmec Stringing Powerline Tower Construction
Tesmec Stringing Equipment for Tower Erection
Tesmec Stringing Tower Construction
Tesmec Stringing Solutions for Powerlines Towers Construction
Tesmec Stringing Electric Powerline Building
Tesmec Tower Erection Solutions
Construction of new powerline towers with Tesmec Stringing
Tesmec Stringing Powerlines Construction

Value Proposition

  • All range is engineered to be light and compact as much as possible, in order to be easy for maneuvering and positioning.
  • The use of these machines reduces the execution time and ensures a high level of safety
  • Closed hydraulic circuit allows to adjust speed while lifting loads
  • Negative self-active hydraulic brake stops the machine in case of overload
  • Integrated Gear-box in the drum structure maximizes efficiency
  • Top European aluminium alloy and state of the art hand-made weldings ensure the best quality and safety.
  • Thanks to the modular design, all the models of derricks are easy to handle.
  • Each section is light and short and can easily be moved even in tough conditions.
  • Every model is designed with a special base to simplify the derricks tilting.
  • The head of those structures, being swivel, makes easy the anchorage process.



Code Range Standard Configuration Rope diameter Engine Power
10 kN Capstan 8 mm 5,1 kW
AMB200 12 kN Capstan / drum 8 mm 5,1 kW
AMB206 / AMB207 15 kN 2 capstans / 1 capstan and 1 drum 8 mm 8,1 kW
AMC402 30 kN Drum 14 mm 25 kW
AMC501 50 kN Drum 18 mm 34 kW
ARS515 50 kN Bull - wheel 16,5 mm 16,5 kW


Code Description
CZA / CZL Service snatch blocks
FAL Derricks