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Tesmec products are used in different fields of application linked to power lines, here below an overview is provided.

Tower erection

The perfect match between hydraulic winches and derricks, ensuring the top level of safety and efficiency. Hydraulic Winches, that can be used for stringing operations of low and medium voltage lines, are currently designed for lifting works, in particular for Tower Erection. All range is engineered to be light and compact as much as possible, in order to be easy for maneuvering and positioning All the models of derricks, thanks to the modular design, are easy to handle: each section is light and short and can easily be moved even in tough conditions. Every model is designed with a special base to simplify the derricks tilting. Furthermore, the head of those structures, being swivel, makes the anchorage process easy.


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New powerline construction

A complete range of machines & equipment for the installation of any type of conductor, including HTLS.

Overhead power lines are the infrastructure for electric power transmission and distribution along large distances. It consists of one or more conductors suspended by towers or utility poles. Since most of the insulation is provided by air, overhead power lines are generally the lowest-cost method of power transmission for large amounts of electric energy.

Nowadays the great challenge is to increase the transmission efficiency and the transmission distance. Tesmec Stringing Machines 4.0 new technology can help reaching these goals, thanks to its low conductor damage and multiple conductor machines and the capability of stringing any type of new generation conductor.


Helicopter stringing

The solution for the “direct stringing” by helicopter, where the puller is replaced by the chopper, with 3 safety levels. The new tensioner TN1216 with its drum stand model CVR827, while ensuring the best performance in the “direct stringing” by helicopter, where the puller is replaced by the chopper, is the most advanced Tesmec laboratory in terms of safety with 3 registered patents:

  • Unit for winding and unwinding cables of a cable-laying machine.
  • Cable-laying apparatus provided with a safety system and method for stopping said cable-laying apparatus safely.
  • Safety device for a cable stretching machine, corresponding method and stretching machine using said device.

Powerline refurbishment

A broad experience in line refurbishment & improvement with new generation conductors.

Power transmission owners and operators need to develop solutions to maintain the transmission efficiency over time or to increase the capacity of existing lines, that are acceptable to the public, reliable and economical. Reconductoring is the key: renewing the old conductor (line refurbishment) or replacing standard conductors with those of last generation (line improvement).

Long lead times for new lines, limited availability of right-of-way and increasingly complex procedures for applications and permits justify the increasing attention in lines improvement and consequently reconductoring operations.

Tesmec has a great experience in reconductoring operations, especially in the installation of new generation conductors. Today thanks to an important effort in R&D Tesmec is proud to introduce on the market a revolutionary new methodology for reconductoring.

Huge crossing

Customized projects to face natural obstacles like lakes and fjords even with big conductors working in live line conditions.

If rivers, lakes and fjords are placed along the way, then communication, electricity and transmission lines have to face natural obstacles huge crossings. Following specific electric lines stringing procedures and coordinating with expertise and precision the jobsite operations are the requirements for crossing these landscape elements and natural obstacles.

Tesmec stringing machines and accessories have the ideal performance and precision for this kind of specific operations.

OPGW installation

Top level of precision & safety with our live line range for Earth Wire and OPGW installations and reconductoring.

Optical ground wire (OPGW) is a type of cable used in the construction of electric power transmission and distribution lines. This cable combines grounding and data transmission functions.

The OPGW cable are located at the ends of high-voltage pylons: its conductive part serves to bond adjacent towers to earth ground and shields the high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes. The optical fibers within the cable can be used for high-speed data transmission.

Tesmec is largely experienced in the installation of OPGW cables and this knowledge has been applied on a range of high performance machines.

Laying Applications

Tesmec offers a complete range of machines to face every jobsite condition of any underground application. Communication, electricity and transport lines often require the installation of underground infrastructure in order to obtain high-level performance and low impact on the environment.

Underground machines and accessories are suitable for energy cable installation and pipeline rehabilitation, they are designed and built to ensure the highest performance in terms of quality and resistance.