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Overhead Tools & Accessories

Overhead Tools & Accessories


Tesmec developed a complete offer of tools and accessories that integrates the standard machines and equipment range. Tesmec takes care of all the aspects of jobsite, paying attention to the details that ensure operations efficiency and the safety of the operators.

A complete offer of Overhead tools and accessories by Tesmec
Tesmec Stringing Overhead Tools and Accessories
Tools to ensure efficiency and safety by Tesmec
Accessories for Overhead Stringing operations by Tesmec
A complete range of accessories and tools for overhead stringing by Tesmec

Value Proposition

  • Tesmec clamps can be used on conductors, ropes or optical ground wires of different diameters only by replacing the jaws, reducing operating costs.
  • The clamps can be provided with machined body clamps or with interchangeable jaws.
  • The body is made of high strength hot forged steel, in order to minimise the ratio between weight and working load.
  • The galvanisation treatment on the surface protects from oxidation ensuring safety and efficiency to every job.
  • Simple and compact, double-acting hydraulic integrated distributor, this hydraulic compressor is suitable for midspan and dead end joints.
  • It is the only compressor that can accommodate different die holders for using all existing main dies on the market!
  • Dies can be replaced just by pushing a button, without tools.
  • The 100 tons model PRT510: ease of use and handling have been defined as two target features of this new project.
  • Large range of clamps for any rope and conductor diameter, and for working load going from 40 to 200 kN.
  • Extreme testing process ensuring use of MOS clamps on HTLS avoiding marks and damage.


Code Description
CAA-TAP Anti-Lifting Automatic Release Pulley & Lifting Tackles
MOT Self Gripping Clamps   
MOS Radial Locking Clamps
PRT Hydraulic Compressor
PG-TET Cover Joints/Thermometers
PAX/TFX Lifting Hoists & Manual Winches
PAX/TFX Lifting Hoists & Manual Winches
TN-TGP001 Cable Cutters & Zoom Sag-Scope
DLC001-DLE Meter Counter & Dynamometers
MTR-MFT Grounding Devices
DPC-DPI Safety Equipment