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Essential Machines

Essential Machines


Essential machines are one of the solutions supplied by Tesmec for new line constructions. This is the most basic and light solution, with few or no electronic components at all. The quality of these machines is tested by several years of employment on different jobsites, in every weather condition from Russia to Saudi Arabia. These machines are extra CE/EPA, except for the tensioners ARS500 and ARS700.

Tesmec Stringing Essential Machines
Tesmec Stringing Simple Solutions
Tesmec Reliable Machines for Stringing
Tesmec Light Machines for Stringing
Tesmec Essential Machines for Stringing

Value Proposition

  • Absence or limited use of electronic components
  • Simple and user friendly



Code Pull Range Layout Bull Wheel Diameter Grooves Number Engine Power
50 kN Single 400 mm 7 60 kW
ARS519 70 kN Single 400 mm 7 60 kW
ARS500 90 kN Single 450 mm 10 104 kW
ARS612 140 kN Single 600 mm 10 129 kW
ARS612 160 / 180 kN Single 600 mm 10 209 kW
ARS700 / 701 40 kN Single 1500 mm 8 25 kW
FRS531 75 kN Single 1500 mm 10 25 kW
FRS615 140 kN Single 1500 mm 16 48 kW
FRB600 2x75 kN Twin 1500 mm 20 48 kW