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Drum Elevators & Reel winders

Drum Elevators & Reel Winders


Tesmec has developed a range of drum elevators and reel winders that satisfy the needs of overhead and underground jobsites. Tesmec is capable to design the perfect solution to face any challenge, such as the solar and wind underground connections or the HVDC links. The latest RC320, crown jewel of this range of equipment, is a special carrier for automatic laying, example of an R&D process where a long quality tradition meets the new market requests to support the new technology.

Tesmec Stringing Drum Elevator
Tesmec Stringing Quality Solution
Tesmec Stringing Reel Winder
Reel Winder by Tesmec Stringing
Tesmec RC 320 Reel Carrier for Stringing Projects

Value Proposition

  • One-piece system.
  • Suitable for all reel sizes.
  • No parts to be lifted Capacity up to 13 tons.
  • The new Heavy Duty Drum Stand CVR824 is ready to use for a faster jobsite installation.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compact for transportation.
  • The preferred solution across the world with a range up to 30 tons.
  • Hydraulic lifting system.
  • Motorized or no motorized reel system.
  • Several model according to reel size & weight.
  • The best choice for the underground projects, with several models EU type approved.
  • The self-propelled carrier RC320 is suitable to lay down three cables wound on up to 20 tons weight reels.
  • All reel-drives can work simultaneously and have independent control of the load.



Code Description
RV Reel Winderds
CVC Cradle Reel Elevators
CVI400-CVI602 Hydraulic Drum Elevators Light Duty
CVI600-CVI810 Hydraulic Drum Elevators Heavy Duty
CVI816-CVI830 Hydraulic Drum Elevators Heavy Duty
CVR Drum Stand
CVT Reel Carrier Trailers