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Bicycles & Trolleys

Bicycles & Conductor Cars


Safety and reliability are the guidelines pursued by Tesmec designing and manufacturing trolleys and bicycles for line maintenance and inspection. The trolleys and bicycles range is under continuous improvement and today we are proud to introduce on the market the new fast inspection trolley range, in two versions: CRM for single conductor lines and CRF suitable for two, three and four bundled conductor lines. The new fast inspection range represents the top level of safety according to the CE standard UNE-EN50374:2005 and its light design allows to climb efficiently over spacers and insulators.

Tesmec Stringing Bicycles and Conductor Cars, Trolleys
Top Safety Level guaranteed by Tesmec Stringing Conductor Car
Conductor Car by Tesmec Stringing for inspection operations
Bicycle by Tesmec for Stringing Operations in full safety
Reliable and Safe Tesmec Stringing Bicycle

Value Proposition

  • The CRS320, CRB300, CRT290 models are compliant with the EN50374:2004 to grant the top safety level during operations.
  • The light aluminium structure ensures high reliability and easy transportation and use on site.
  • The motorization option simplifies the operations.
  • Tesmec bicycles are suitable to fit aircraft warning spheres on single lines and to fit spacers on two, three and four bundled conductor lines.
  • The Tesmec bicycles are made of certified EU aluminium, with a light structure allowing easy transportation on site.
  • By pedalling forward the bicycle moves backward in order to provide the operator with necessary working space.
  • The cardan transmission grants high performances and comfort.
  • The bicycles are equipped with a disc brake on the driving wheel and with an additional safety clamp, which brakes directly on the conductor acting as a stationary system.
  • Meter counter and safety chains are also provided.



Code Description
CRS Construction Conductor Cars for single conductor lines
CRB-CRT Construction Conductor Cars for bundled conductor lines
CRQ Inspection Conductor Cars 
CRQ530 Inspection Conductor Car 
CRM-CRF Fast Inspection Conductor Car 
BI Overhead Lines Bicycles