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Stringing Blocks, Pivoting Array Blocks & Head Boards

Stringing Blocks, Pivoting Array Blocks & Head Boards


Tesmec has developed a complete range of Stringing Blocks. This range includes standard,  detachable, tandem and for helicopter Stringing Blocks. Besides this traditional range, several special solutions have been studied to overtake problems and obstacles faced by many projects in extreme conditions all around the world. For new generation of HTLS conductors, an innovative range of array blocks have been developed. To ensure the top safety level on jobsites the grounding devices available for all Stringing Blocks and pivoting array blocks models are complying with the IEC TR61328.

Tesmec High Quality Pulleys
Reliable Pulleys by Tesmec Stringing
Tesmec Stringing Reliable Headboards
Tesmec High Quality Stringing Blocks
Reliable Stringing Blocks made in Italy by Tesmec

Value Proposition

Array blocks are the solution for needs of large bending radius keeping dimension, weight and handling capability as easy as possible.

  • Light Weight & Dimension: Vertical dimension is less than half of the height of a standard pulley.
  • Easy Handling & Transportation: The compact design allows an easy handling and prevents damaging during transportation.
  • No diameter limitation: Double pivoting frame allows to move according to the line geometry by adjusting themselves up to horizontal position, for an infinite bending radius.
  • Special Sectors: Manufactured with anti-wear material, tested and released in cooperation with Milan Politecnico.
  • Integrated Earthing Device: Grounding device (if requested) is integrated into the frame, to prevent any possible impact or damage during transport.
  • Matchable with Standard Block: Spacing of the wheel is the same of standard pulley to allow to mix both solutions. Groove 68 mm and groove 95 mm as per standard pulley are both available.
  • Fully Compatible: Headboards, swivels, ropes, cover joints and all other equipment used for standard pulleys are fully compatible with array blocks.
  • High Center of Gravity: Easier positioning at angles due to the centre of gravity position compared with traditional blocks
  • Top quality at a competitive price.
  • Tailor made solutions.
  • 5 different materials and types for lining.
  • Available tandem and for helicopter stringing version of every standard models.
  • In accordance with IEC TR 61328, Tesmec Earthing Devices are suitable for fault currents, lightening strikes, induced voltage and currents, rated at 20.000 A for 20 cycles.
  • Several tests certified earthing devices properties.
  • Available for drain current in equipotential system and for induced current.
  • Aluminium sectors with bearing conductive grease are also available, as special solution for each standard model.



Code Description
CAS-CGA Single Conductor Stringing Blocks & Ground Wire Stringing Blocks
CAT-CAQ-CAE Stringing Blocks for Bundled  Conductors
CES-CET-CEQ-CEE Stringing Blocks for Helicopter Stringing
CES617 All Aluminium Single Block for Helicopter Stringing
CST-CSQ Detachable Stringing Blocks
CAM TandemTandem Stringing Blocks
  Interchangeable Lining
CAS-CAT-CAQ Nylon Stringing Blocks



Code Description
RUS-RES-RUT-RET-RUQ Pivoting Array Blocks Standard & for Helicopter Stringing single and for Bundled Conductors



Code Description
MTX Earthing Devices for Aluminium, Nylon Stringing Blocks & Pivoting Array Blocks.
CCA Antifleeting Devices & Racks



Code Description
RB-RF Head Boards for Aluminium Stringing Blocks & Pivoting Array Blocks
RB-RF Head Boards for Nylon Stringing Blocks