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Underground Drum Elevators & Trailers

Underground Drum Elevators & Trailers


Tesmec offers a big range of machines for drum handling:

  • Mechanical models for standard projects
  • Hydraulic jacks and elevators for heavy duty applications
  • A big range of trailers allowing easier logistic of the drums
Tesmec Stringing Underground Drum Elevators and Trailers
Tesmec solutions for Underground Stringing Operations
Drum Elevators and Trailers for Underground Stringing by Tesmec

Value Proposition

CVT: Trailer solution

  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Mechanical braking system or hydraulic with on board engine option
  • Big choice of models according to size and weight of the reels

The best choice for the underground projects, including few models EU type approved.

CVI: detachable frame for easy transport

A showcase with a lot of models.

Customized models available on demand.



Code Description
CVM Mechanical Lifting Jacks
CVM Mechanical Drum Elevator
CVM Hydraulic Drum Elevators Ligh Duty
CVB Hydraulic Lifting Jack
CVI/CPR Hydraulic Drum Elevators & Hydraulic Power Unit
CVT Reel Carrier Trailers
CVT Reel Carrier Trailers
CVT Reel Carrier Trailers
CVT Reel Carrier Trailers