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Continuous Linear Puller

CLP - Continous Linear Puller


The current method for replacing overhead lines conductors involves attaching a new conductor to the existing conductor, placing conductor travellers at each intermediate structure and then winching in the existing conductor and coiling it onto an old drum.

Tesmec have developed a machine that reduces costs and time offering the higher level of reliability and safety during reconductoring operations:

Continuous Linear Puller: 3 machines in 1. Safer, faster and cheaper.

Value Proposition

  • No more working at height
  • Minimize risk of slips, trips & falls
  • Shorter project, shorter outage
  • Simple & cost effective transportation
  • Less vehicles, equipment and operators for a cost-effective jobsite
  • Eliminates the need of equi-potential zone
  • Integral cover and reduction of vehicles on jobsite grant less pollution and noise
  • Fuel Consumption Reduction
  • Unique user-friendly controls provide advanced automation
  • Remote Monitoring System Re.M. and Integrated Recorder


Tesmec Continuous Linear Puller for Reconductoring Operations
  • Direct spooling winch located on the front of the machine to assist with conductor loading
  • Self-adjusting pulling module with multiple pinch wheels for self-loading of the conductor and which allows joints/connectors to pass without stopping
  • Cutting module to cut the old conductor in small parts, including mid-span joints and similar devices

Techincal Specifications

MAX SPEED 3 km/h
STANDARD FEATURES New Tesmec Digital HMI 7'' color display, Radio Remote Control, Remote Diagnostic System with GPS, Data Recorder