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Railway catenary installation


As the inventor and leader of tension stringing technology, Tesmec has gained an unparalleled experience from 60 years of researching, manufacturing and work site applications.
Tesmec innovatively applied the tension stringing technology to the construction of railway catenary 30 years ago.
Together with the continuous updating of the railway catenary's technical standard, Tesmec kept developing lead-edge technology and equipment to provide the most advanced integrated solutions for catenary operations. Tesmec also offers a range of cutting-edge systems for railway (both rail and catenary) maintenance, diagnostics and vehicles for special applications.
Tesmec railway vehicles and equipment for construction, maintenance and diagnostic of railway lines can be customized according to customers' requirement.

Tesmec solutions for electrified railway lines and management of the tracks are: railway lines electrification, catenary maintenance and track maintenance, catenary monitoring and track monitoring.

A complete range of equipment for catenary installation, maintenance and diagnostic for traditional and high speed railway lines