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Equipment for overhead stringing


Tesmec Group offers high quality stringing machines. In our catalogue you can find several equipment and specific accessories used in stringing operations that complete the ranges of Tesmec products and allow a proper use of Tesmec machines in the work site. Here is a list of the main equipment: reel winders, hydraulic drum elevators, reels, anti-twisting steel ropes, nylon ropes, pulleys, joints, clamps, hydraulic compressors, inspection trolleys, overhead lines bycicles, service snatch blocks, cradle blocks, lifting tackles, lifting hoists, tirfor, cable cutters, zoom-sag scope, meter counter devices, electronic and hydraulic dynamometers.

Available Models: Reel winders (RV) - Standard reels (BOF) / Detachable reels (BOC) - Joints (GFT-GGT) - High performance sock joints (GCT) - Self gripping clamps (MOT) / Interchangeable jaws for MOT clamps - Radial locking clamps (MOS) - Hydraulic compressors (PRT) - Accessories for hydraulic compressors (PRT) - Cover joints (PG) / Thermometers (TET) - Service snatch blocks (CZA-CZL) - Cradle blocks fiber optic cable replacer (ABR) - Lifting tackles (TAP) / Lifting hoists (PAX) - Tirfor (TFX) - Cable cutters (TN) / Zoom sag-scope (TGP) - Meter counter device (DLC) / Electronic dynamometers (DLE) / Hydraulic dynamometer (DLI)