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High-Speed platforms

High Speed platforms

High speed bogies
High-speed and lightweight running gear, designed for speeds up to 140 km/h. The bogie can be equipped with both disc and electromagnetic brake, includes ABS and can be equipped with an automatic brake ice cleaning system.
The bogie can have up to 4 driving wheels, with an electronic traction control (anti-skid system).
Design, construction and calculation of the bogie frame are in accordance with the most relevant standards in the railway field.

Self-propelled homologated maintenance/diagnostic vehicles
Tesmec high-speed railway technology is concentrated in a series of top edge multirole high speed platforms, which can be set up as special maintenance and diagnostic vehicles. These machines are unique thanks to their high design and construction quality, which delivers the highest reliability in diagnostic applications. Tesmec vehicles are equipped with certified on-board safety system; therefore, they can circulate as trains on the line.