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Mini trenching Technology


The increasing use of fiber optics and new generation networks in the telecom sector has boosted the development of  new cable laying technologies with low environmental impact, reduced open-pit excavation, realization costs, and increased job site safety. Heavy vehicle traffic and construction sites in the middle of the roadway, sidewalks, or medians are inconvenient and have high socio-economic costs for local governments.

Tesmec has developed highly technologically trenching solutions capable of meeting all requirements regarding mini-trenching procedures.

A minitrench is characterized by contained ditch size: minimum width is about 50 mm (2'') and digging depth is at 300-400 mm (11.81''-15.75'').  Mini trenching is suited to lay more than one cable at once and was classified by the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) as a low environmental impact technique. A minitrench minimizes open-pit excavating and requires specialized rockwheel/rocksaw equipment.

Tesmec's mini trenchers guarantee highly precise results with low spoil production and environmental impact thanks to small teeth coated with tungsten carbide.

Tesmec Minitrenchers allow to execute the following operations at once:

-trenching with reduction of spoil, loaded directly into the truck to avoid damages to the pavement;

- laying of cables guaranteeing a covering thickness of 25 cm (9.84’’);

- backfilling with dedicated cement mixture for total cohesion with the existing trench.

Laying and recovering times are reduced to a single phase, thus digging operations are maximized.

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